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  • Hillary Latham
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    I asked the same question in a comment in this article.  It is really needed to know how old the data is that we are looking at in a dashboard.



  • Graeme Carmichael
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    No guarantee on the best way to do this but here goes.

    We can estimate the last sync time by looking at the timestamp of the last ticket updated. 

    First, create a new metric to calculate how many minutes have passed today since a ticket was updated.


    For ROWS, add

    • Ticket ID
    • Ticket Updated - Timestamp


    • Ticket Updated - Timestamp is TODAY


    Result Manipulation


    This should give you a report like this:


    To just display the timestamp, go to Chart Configuration> Columns  and hide the ticket and last update columns.


    You can then add the final report to your dashboards.

  • Chris Bulin
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    I hope there are plans to make this a little less convoluted. I'd like to just be able to add an element (similar to to a text field) that just adds the latest timestamp for that dash.

  • Delores Cooper
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    Hi everyone!

    While there isn't a way to add a widget directly to the dashboard that tells you the last data sync, you can find the time of the last data sync by looking at the Dataset page.





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