Clickable ticket links in Drillthrough?


  • David Olson

    I'd also greatly benefit from this (formerly available in Insights) functionality.  I'm really surprised there isn't a way to allow viewers of a dashboard or report to click through to the ticket IDs just like they could in the previous system.  Hoping I'm just missing something and it's a matter of finding the right article about it!

  • Pete Holborow

    I'm still surprised that this isn't default behaviour? Making it harder to get to the relevant tickets from a report seems like a step backwards. It works fine in Insights.

  • Chris Stock
    Community Moderator

    Another vote for this functionality.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Chris & Pete,

    I would strongly recommend leaving your Explore product request for our Developers in the Feedback forums. It is where forum developers go to gather user perspectives and ideas for future updates. I've gone ahead and linked to our Explore Product Feedback Forums below.

    Explore Product Feedback

    Best regards. 

  • Pete Holborow

    Thanks Devan, done.


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