Deleted tickets should be measurable in more datasets


  • Chris Bulin

    I'm running into this same problem with GDPR requests. Because of these limitations, we are trying to work with our legal team to see if it is possible to keep the tickets while deleting the user, but that is a long shot at best. Having better handling for measuring these cases would be fantastic.

  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for upvoting!
    Just for info, it is possible to report on deleted tickets - you just have to use a different dataset, unfortunately! 

    But in your case, I guess you could create double up of reports until Zendesk hopefully recognizes this and makes an update. :-)

    I would be happy to help you if you need any assistance!

    With #helpsome regards,
    Louise Dissing
    Support Team Lead

  • Chris Bulin

    Thanks Louise. We are aware, we're just looking for a way that doesn't require us to manually calculate our ticket totals which is the only option with cross-dataset totals atm.


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