Excel exported is not in the same format in Explore



  • Sean Dorsett

    +1 to fix this

  • Ttaylor

    We are also waiting for a fix on this. Zendesk exported our reports into Explore for us; however, I will not sign off on completion of the project until this issue is fixed. I still have to use Insights for printing and exporting.  The print functionality is useless. It does not print an entire dashboard. I can not use this to send to our clients or to our executives.

    If this isn't fixed by February 5th, I hope you reconsider expiring Insights. It seems several people are still relying on it for printing and exporting to excel. I also have to add that when exporting to excel in Insights, it looked much better.  

  • Sylvie RC

    Sharing my support for improvements to this feature. I can't export our monthly stats to share with my team in the current state. 

  • Hannah Baker

    Adding a little more weight to this thread. I just finished transferring everything over to Explore only to find that my reports emailed on the first of the month are unusable due to this issue!

  • Jordan

    We need a fix to this problem asap. It was so much better through gooddata and here in explore, it consumes too much time to prepare the same report in excel. Too frustrating..

  • Liam

    Can we please get an update on this? We've been forced to move all our reports over to Explore as you're retiring Insights, but as it stands Explore is a broken buggy mess. 

    This has just turned what should be a 2 minute job into hours of work.

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Liam and all, thanks for the feedback about this. Liam, I've created a ticket from your feedback for visibility about this. I've cc'd myself on the ticket and will be sure to update all of you when I hear more. Thanks.

  • Bart

    Eugene Orman

    This is very welcome news. Thanks for taking the time to work on this.


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