Query Permissions


  • Jason D.

    I agree with this, we have different teams that need access to explore but w do not need to give them access to all queries.

  • Alex Edwards

    ^ Yes. This would be really helpful. It would also be nice to have a permission to create and edit the user's own queries and dashboards without the permission to edit those created by others.

  • Franco Landa

    +1 This would be useful as our teams are preparing to migrate to Explore from Insights. With everyone building their Queries in Explore, everyone can see the queries and many of them are for personal reports. This clutters the Query list, whereas Insights allowed Reports to be kept private and made visible at will.

  • Sejal Jones

    +1 as well, we definitely want to keep certain queries available to certain users.

  • Sujitha.pasupuleti

    Not being able to limit what queries each user can see is creating a lot of problems and concerns form team members, The only way we can handle this is by disabling create query access. We have multiple teams and every team does their own reporting and they don't want others to see there reports. It gets out of control to maintain the queries as the no.of users increase. We should have an access function where every one cant create there own reports and queries and not shown to any one else unless it is shared.

    We cant see personal dashboards but however we can still see personal queries which is fishy. They can not only see the queries but they can also edit any query on the tool



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