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  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Just to be sure, can you please confirm you are interested in pulling a list with:

    • Ticket ID
    • SLA Policy Name
    • SLA status (breached vs achieved) across all metrics
    • Total time spent in new status, across the entire ticket's lifecyle
    • Total time spent in open status, across the entire ticket's lifecyle
    • Total time spent in pending status, across the entire ticket's lifecyle
    • Total time spent in on-hold status, across the entire ticket's lifecyle

    Kind regards


  • Kerry Charlton

    Hi Vincent,


    Yes, we would like to be able to build a report with the metrics/attributes listed.


    Kind Regards


  • Chris Bulin
    Community Moderator

    We would like to build a report that shows Total Time Spent, Avg Time per Ticket, and Avg Time Per Update for tickets that have 0 or 1 agent reply. Unfortunately, agent replies and ticket timing are in two different datasets so I'm unable to build that report.

  • Michael Blakley

    I would like a single combined SLA achievement across channels.  I can do Talk (even though there are no Policies there), and then I can combine the other channels in a Policy, but can't do an aggregate.

  • Fiona

    I would like to have datasets for Guide available in Explore - I'd like to know the following:

    - How long people spend on one article page

    - Which articles lead to ticket creation

    - Which search term leads to ticket creation.

    - Which articles are most popular (removing internal IP addresses)

    - All the data from the reporting section under 'knowledge base' and 'search' but configurable in Explore. Not only for better visibility, but also for efficiency so that all dashboards and reports can be in one place.



  • Nicolas Gorga

    +1 vote to have this funcionality

  • Marcel

    +1 for Guide datasets to get more insights into the knowledge base articles and community forum usage.


  • Johny Einarsson

    I concur with above wishes for Guide metric integration into Explore.

  • Kerry Charlton



    We have a requirement to review backlog tickets based on tag and organisations within a single report, I have logged a ticket and am keen to understand if it is possible to use multiple datasets.

  • Joel Mayer

    +1 to create a metric from multiple datasets, or possibly create a single new dataset extracting key data from multiple existing datasets.

  • Jason Katz

    +1 on Guide availability in explore. I want to know metrics on internal and external visitors to the page. How many agents are viewing Guide and how many articles are they viewing?

  • Kelly Cashin

    +1 for combining data sets.
    +1 for Guide and search data in Explore.

    Or at least the ability to export data from Reporting tab in Support and upload to Explore.

    The Explore interface is easily Zendesk's best feature to work with. Extremely user-friendly. But this is capability is a pretty big miss.

    Hope to see it added soon!

  • Sergio Anarte

    +1 for Guide and search data in Explore!

  • Julie Foster

    +1 for combining Datasets

    +1 for Guide and Search in Explore

    I need to show the Average ticket age with KB article linked V's the average ticket age without a KB article linked. 

  • Kristin Bouveng

    Another use case for combining datasets:

    We are interested in measuring First Reply Time per agent, which isn't accurate using Support: Tickets dataset, as a lot of our tickets are first handled by Agent A, then passed over to Agent B who solves it. So if I report on FRT per assignee, Agent B would have the FRT that 'belongs to' Agent A.

    This is a really important KPI for us and makes it difficult to manage on a more granular level, when we can't accurately report on it.


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