Improve PDFs Generated From Reports


  • Joan Ling

    100% agree with Celia, this is very frustrating at the moment and needs to be resolved as a priority.

  • Marcel Schader


  • Jordan Brown

    The PDFs look terrible. I would never send this to a client. 

    Images do not work either, you only see a white square.

    There are a number of other bugs with Explore that make it unusable should you care about the presentation of the dashboard.

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Jordan, thanks for posting this. I've opened this as a ticket so that the team can drill in on these problems with you and hopefully find some resolutions. You should hear from someone soon.

  • Alex Gillum-Webb

    Any update on this? I've created some dashboards to present to Exec team, when I export via PDF they look absolutely terrible. Im having to manually re-create the data in a more presentable format.

    I guarantee there will be more success with this product if the ability to automate and distribute reports was improved.

  • Alexandre DRAGUT

    I'm really disappointed that Zendesk is not improving the quality of pdf prints.

    This request was made a year ago and we are still in the same situation (since 23 January 2019)

    this is an important feature and we got fuzzy dashboard in pdf.


    can you prioritize this point with developers?

    Thank you 

  • Tina Yates

    This is yet another compromise with this product, I've yet to do anything in Explore that works as expected.  I still don't have a clear understanding of why Zendesk would make an incomplete product (Explore) mandatory and remove a product (Insights) that actually meets the needs of its customers. 


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