Using Zendesk API to send reports to an outside URL (i.e Confluence)


  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Marina,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We have been discussing the possibility to embed dashboards as iframes in your websites, intranets etc. However I don't have a firm timeline yet. In that first version, the data would be refreshed hourly.

    I'd love to hear more about your use case.

    - Would everyone be able to access all data? or would you like to restrict access based on the user's profile?

    - Would you like users to be able to interact / drill-in dashboards? or would you like dashboards to be static?

    On a different note, we've also been looking at exposing some of our APIs so that you could access them from your rails / scala / python apps. What APIs would your team like to have access to?

    Kind regards


  • Marina Her

    Thanks for the response Vincent.

    >> Would everyone be able to access all data? or would you like to restrict access based on the user's profile?

          Is this in regards to the data in our Zendesk Dashboard or in regards to who can actually see the imbedded dashboard in our Confluence page?

          Anyone who has access to my teams Confluence page would be able to see the Zendesk Dashboard if we are able to add it.


    >> Would you like users to be able to interact / drill-in dashboards? or would you like dashboards to be static?

          The Dashboards would be static --- Currently, how I have the PDF's set up in our Confluence page, each month's Dashboard is it's own static dashboard to show our metrics for that month. Please see attached snippet of the Confluence page.

    >> What APIs would your team like to have access to?

          We would like to use Zendesk's API to pull dashboards and reports from Zendesk into Confluence by month.

          We started writing a Python3 script to go to Zendesk Insights to download the Dashboard PDF into a shared drive and then import the PDF from the shared drive to Confluence; but we couldn't get past the second Zendesk/GoodData authentication.

           If I have the Dashboard downloaded on to my computer then try to run a Python3 script using PyPDF4, I can't seem to get the reports to print. :( If I export as excel, it doesn't give me the pretty graphs. :( 

           Would you be able to share what API endpoints you would possibly be exposing?


    Thank you,

    Marina Her


  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for your detailed feedback Marina, much appreciated. Your use case makes perfect sense.

    As mentioned, we've been considering enabling customers to embed dashboards in iframes. You'd then be able to embed these dashboards in your Confluence pages ( Can you please confirm that would address your needs?

    Re. the API endpoints - we're planning to work with our development partners in 2019 to better understand how we can help you build immersive and compelling solutions based on Explore. The timeline for that project is still TBC.

    Kind regards


  • Jeremy Heath

    I have a similar but different use case


    Our customers expect reports from us

    For e.g. how many tickets were created/solved/SLA's met etc so they can monitor how we are keeping to our agreed support contracts.

    Atm im having to do all these by hand and we are talking multiple clients per week and a monthly to each client as well.

    You need to change the system to allow reports to be allowed to anyone that is within our system.

    So basically i create a client email user that is the designated for the report. he could even have a special tag?

    I select him in the schedule in explore and he receives his report every Monday morning

    They are within the system so its secure so this should be allowed.

    It would certainly improve my QOL if this happened


    Dashboards in iframes

    What i want with this is to be able to add a dashboard page in the guide section

    Then i can setup a special page just for that customer and they can see there report live

    This is where we want to get to..

    Again its secure i can special tag to make sure no one else can view it

    Our stuff cant be on a standard web-page it has to be reasonably protected so within our system would be fine as the customer can have access without any issues.


    Agreed we dont use Zen like a lot of people do but please consider these changes it would really help

  • Marina Her

    We tried embedding the Dashboard on our Confluence page and it did not look pretty. 

    Having the ability to automatically add the dashboard in PDF format from Zendesk to Confluence would work best for us. We're trying to automate anything that we can to save some time :) 

  • Samuel Alberto

    These are also capabilities I would like to see. I know from one of the recent Zendesk Explore live streams, they said external reports are somewhere in the pipeline and an automatic report sent out through Slack is also somewhere there. These are all features I would use and maybe a PM can speak more to a timeline that we can expect these to roll out. 

  • Igor Kosoy

    We need this too. I see the discussion started 9 months ago. Did come to fruition ? Any ETA?


    Thank you.

  • Richard Heintze

    We are also waiting for this feature. Any updates or EAP program coming soon?

  • Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Samuel Alberto Igor Kosoy, Richard Heintze, we launched in 2019 the EAP "Sharing outside of Zendesk" (see EAP community here). This EAP will enable you to create public or password-protected links to live dashboards. As a next step for that EAP, we are investigating the possibility to embed these live links in 3rd party websites. We'll communicate more information on this as the plans firm up.

  • Richard Heintze

    We are using the feature and really liking it!


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