What is the Side Conversations API?



  • Nadia Jenayah

    Does this mean that a side conversation macro with the recipient pre-filled (as part of the macro action) is now possible?

  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @Nadiathe API doesn't affect macros, but we are also working on including recipients as part of macro configuration. It can even be a placeholder, so you'd be able to use something like a custom field on a ticket that has an email address for e.g. a partner to populate the macro recipient. If you'd like to try it out let me know!

  • Nisha


    We have a large pool of internal departments and personals who we would like to contact via side conversations based on the ticket content.

    1) Are we able to pull recipient information from a database ( i.e Excel spreadsheet ) to populate based on a ticket scenario?

    2) Based on ticket field selection can we pre-populate the recipient's details.  


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