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    Hi Marco,

    If you're using the Web widget for chat and self-help articles, you could map the language of the widget to that of the Help Center. I did an article about this at one time, but can't seem to find it right now.

    I hope that helps you out.

  • Johnny Luechau
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    Hi Jacob.  Allow me to supplement Marcos question. Our scenario is this:


    1. We use the chat widget on web pages without the Help Centre

    2. The web pages have a language setting of lang=en but we need to add the locale as well (e.g. en_GB, en_SG etc)

    3. We also need to have the language selected or preset for the chat widget to be used inside Zendesk Support to set the locale of the knowledge base so "search articles automatically searches the relevant (locale-specific language) articles.

    So, the questions are if we can use the javasnippet to let a visitor use the dropdown to select locale on the web page (in the chat widget) and if this is automatically set in the knowledge search inside Zendesk support for the agent?

    Hope that helps :-)

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    Hi Johnny,

    Without making any customizations to the web widget, it defaults to the language of the browser the end-user is viewing it on. For some this may be fine, but we wanted more control over how our widget displays and how we route users to proper language channels.

    For your 1 and 2 points, that would be specific for your web site platform - Zendesk supports the languages you mention, so if you have a developer at hand they should be able to map the language setting of the widget to that of your website.

    For your 3. point, I'm not sure which article search you are referring to in Zendesk Support, can you show me a screenshot perhaps? 
    We use both the Sidebar search and Knowledge capture apps, and there is also the Zendesk Support search as well.


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