Fix position of close button natively.



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi Dan,

    I noticed you posted the same thing across multiple posts, so I am going to respond to you here.

    The chat session should not tie up the agent resources, they can leave the chat while the visitor either closes their tab or the widget idle disconnects.

    Currently, we have no plans of adding a close chat button to the Chat standalone widget experience. For customers using the Web Widget, there will be some changes announced later in the year around the chat experience and part of the changes is a more visible end chat button. If you need this earlier, then you have read the previous posts regarding using the Web SDK.

    As chats move from session based to persistent based style messaging, the concept of ending a chat doesn't really exist. The visitor just cares that they are having an ongoing conversation with a business that responds in a reasonable amount of time, they shouldn't have to think about the session lifecycle. 




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