Show organization in the visitor list and chat window



  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Terry,

    Thank you for writing in. We can consider two alternative solutions to solve this problem - 

    Option 1: Using Tags

    Tags are labels that can be added to a chat. Tags, identifying your visitor's organization from an internal system, can be set using Javascript API. The tags will appear with the chat in the visitor list and chat window. 

    Option 2: Using Chat Apps

    Zendesk Chat allows you to build private apps which, in this case, can be used to show detailed visitor information in the chat window. Documentation can be found here. Steps to create your own app can be found here.

    Private apps is available only with Chat Professional/Enterprise and requires Support Professional. 

    Look forward to know if any of these solutions work for you. We do not have plans to add organization from Zendesk record to Chat in our roadmap this year.

    - Prakruti


  • Andrew

    I understand both of those options may work, but we have already spent a lot of time loading all of our customer data and organizations into Zendesk (and even include organization in the Zendesk widget API!) and it's crazy that it's not visible in the chat Interface!

  • Philip Mehew

    We also intend to load all of our organizations and users into Zendesk, and I was surprised to find no customisation of the Chat window, because in the Support product you can add fields to the agent view.

    If we can see existing tickets when an email address is recognised, why cant we see the organization that email address belongs to?

  • Marty

    Are there any plans to add Organization (and organization fields) from the Zendesk Support record to Chat to the roadmap for this year or any future year?


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