Offline Message Report server time GMT+0



  • Trish Chin

    Hi Lee, I agree, the timestamp should update to the users timezone, otherwise the information is useless

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Lee, Trish

    Thank you for writing in. The offline message email content does not carry time in user's/agent's timezone. There are two other locations which would provide the time in your own timezone - 

    1. Offline message displayed as part of History also has time

    2. Offline messages are sent to your email address. The time received for the offline message email can also be an indicator.

    We will consider your feedback when we plan enhancements around offline messages and timezones. In the mean time, hope these indicators work for you.

    - Prakruti

  • Chris Nicholson-Doyle


    Using the configured time zone in Chat is something we would like for the transcripts (online and offline).

    Though this post has been answered, I wanted to add my +1 to it

  • IT MPlus


    We are facing the same issue. The offline message is a very nice format and easy to read.
    This should change due to the timezone setting.

  • Tracy Jones



    How has this not been addressed yet? It nearly caused our team to be written up because it appeared that no one took a chat during normal business hours!

    Please change this to match the account timezone setting!


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