Automated Offline Message tagging (not through API)



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there Anthony,

    Thanks for sharing the feedback regarding having the department tag on offline messages outside of the scenario when the setDepartment Javascript API has been used.

    Although we have nothing in our immediate roadmap that would address this, we may consider modifying the ticket creation process to automatically include the department tag for offline messages. 

    One question for you since you are using Support + Chat, would you prefer the Web Widget contact form over the offline message form to be shown when the visitor selects an offline department from the pre-chat form?


  • Shawn Lucas

    @ramin - I'll chime in and say, Yes.  If we could seamlessly redirect to the web widget contact form when the visitor selects an offline department in our pre-chat form (without having to go through a dev team to program / release, if that's even an option...) , it seems that would help solve the issue of 'offline' chats appearing as missed chat concerns -and help expedite routing of those offline chats to the correct department for faster response / resolution when the department is again available.


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