Automatically account for daylight savings time



  • Robert Blackwell

    It really sucks that there's no official response to this and more importantly that this is still even an issue. I know I'm probably not the first but I complained about this in March of 2015. And unless your developers are fresh out of high school there's no reason this issue has lingered for so long. Even if that were the case, there a lot of free articles about handling DST and using getTimezoneOffset function

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi there Robert,

    Sorry this post didn't get a response, must have slipped through the cracks last year. It pains me to also admit that this issue hasn't been resolved for the product, it is something that I want fixed personally also.

    As Zendesk is building multiple products, the requirements and effort to standardise the handling of time and daylight savings gets more expensive than you think. As our goal is to have consistency across products, it is taking more time than we originally expected.



  • Aswin Kannan

    +10 from my end. It is a shame that this simple thing is not being addressed by Zendesk. Every software in this world beautifully adjusts to Daylight Savings and then there is Zendesk Chat.


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