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  • Ross

    Despite the documentation saying you can use the Account Status condition, after speaking to a zopim support rep today it turns out you can't use this feature to fire offline triggers.

    We only want triggers for when we don't have agents serving - IE, out of hours etc. At that point, when the customer wants an 'instant' response, it would be useful to pick up on keywords a customer is typing and send them back a canned response - perhaps a link to a billing FAQ when the condition matches on the word 'billing' in the customer query.

    This is critical for us, and enough of a deal breaker that we're now investigating other live chat software that supports this functionality.

    I'm disappointed to see the OP in this post hasn't even got a response. The agent I spoke to said this is a feature request she's had several times previously.


    Account Status

    Status of your Zopim Account which works as a hierarchy system. Note that these values are case-sensitive and should be lowercase:




    • If one agent is online (and the rest are away or offline) then the account status is online and the online Trigger will fire.
    • If one agent is away (and the rest are offline) then the account status is away and the away trigger will fire
    • If all agents are offline then the account status is offline and the offlinetrigger will fire.
  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for the feedback around triggers and being able to fire offline. Some other customers have requested similar functionality for other use cases.

    In your example, you talk about being able to deflect offline messages based on the content they entered in the message. I see that you are a joint Zendesk and Zopim customer so you could take advantage of using the Zendesk Web Widget.

    It allows the visitor to search your help center before creating a ticket or starting a chat. You can learn more about the web widget here:

    Alternatively, you could look into building a Zendesk trigger that fires based on the content of the offline message ticket if you are using the ticket integration. The Zendesk trigger could look at the content of the ticket and then send recommended resources that could solve the problem without any agent interaction. 

    We have no immediate plans to change the Zopim triggers so that they can send messages when the account or department is offline.




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