Customize pre-chat form


  • Kimberly

    Would this be available on the free plan?

  • James Peterson

    Hi Rene,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.  Currently, each of the options you mentioned is available in the pre-chat form.  The only exception is that name and email are part of one checkbox.  So it seems your request is focusing on having a separate checkbox for each one.

    Regarding the departments: you can currently require a visitor to enter department or not, so I'm not quite sure how you have a problem.  If you don't want visitors to enable the department, you can simply uncheck the department box.

    -- James Peterson

  • Kundenbetreuung

    Hey there, yes, we'd like to have a separate check box for email and name fields. We don't understand why that is so hard to customize and enable for all Zendesk Chat users. It would offer so much more options to customize the widget and pre chat form and would be really neat. When will you offer it?

  • John Meyers

    This is an old thread, but I was referred here after a conversation with ZD support.  Just adding our two cents that the pre-chat form isn't helpful for us.  We really need to be able to replace that simplified form with our custom web widget form.  We just don't get all of the information we need from a customer with the pre-chat form so one touch resolutions are almost impossible.

  • Vramos

    It would be very helpful for our company if the Pre-Chat form allowed us to add custom fields and option to require a zip code field. Our product pricing is based on where the product is installed. It's time consuming when we have to email back a customer from an offline chat to ask for a zip code instead of simply emailing them back with an answer to their inquiry. 


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