Pre chat and exit surveys in Zopim


  • Art Garcia

    I'm looking to have same functionality.

  • James Peterson

    Hi Fiona and Art,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.  In order to help our Product Managers better understand your needs, I'd like to gather more information about your situations.

    Could you describe what kinds of information you are hoping to gather?  Would one custom ticket field be enough to gather this information, or would you need more than that?  Also, are you looking to have only free text fields, or are there other field types you would like to use? 

    @Fiona: could you describe why the department function to do this currently is not a long term solution?  I'm not fully understanding your current use and how Multibrand will impact that.  Could you also describe how you are currently handling the after chat survey?  Are you sending a follow up email, or just leaving it as is for now?  Finally, could you describe what other types of questions you might need to ask?  Similar to the pre-chat form question I posed to you, how many fields would you like to see added and would you need any other types of fields?

    @Art: could you describe in more detail your exact needs, your workflow, what you are doing to get around this lack of functionality now, and what kinds of improvements to you workflow you would expect to see?

    James Peterson

  • Fiona Lehr

    For pre chat we are looking to get more information on, for example, which partner they are contacting us about (we have over 4000 so I would like customers to be able to enter which they are referring to freehand) what area their problem relates to etc

    We would potentially be looking to use the department function to differentiate between brands, so we have one instance of Zopim used across multiple brands and we would want the user to select which they were contacting us about.

    We are only able to ask one question using the department function so obviously can't collect all this information at once currently. We use the department function currently to find out what area their query relates to.

    With the after chat survey we are just using it as is currently. We would like to be able to ask if we resolved the customers query on the first contact, if the customer was satisfied with the service they received, if they were satisfied with the agent's knowledge, how likely they would be to refer us to a friend etc



  • Art Garcia

    Hi! Thanks for follow up my suggestions. I want a preterit for know my customer concern before I answer. This is going to make more productive the time between my customer ask for assistance and I respond to the chat.

    Also, inviting to our customer to respond a pre chat, make him feel the waiting time more shorter than only waiting my arrival.

    As a 2 person company sometimes when a chat trigger came, I'm out of my desk, over the phone or attending a customer.

    With the after chat, I want to choose which questionary to send. I may Have 2 or 3 questionnaires with 2-3 questions each and choose which is the better questionary to send in function of his or her needs.

    I want to make the questionaries with multiple choices or open questions.


  • James Peterson

    Hi Fiona,

    Thanks for clarifying!  That definitely helps us understand your needs.  While we don't have the after chat survey you are looking for, I might recommend using a third party service.  We'll definitely keep the feedback in mind for the future.

    @Art: is there a reason that the question box for the customer's concern is not working for you now?  Are you looking to add another text box?

    -- James Peterson

  • Ruth Turner

    We Have been investigating similar functionality , what are the 3rd party options available ?

  • Neil Marron

    We're also looking for the same functionality.

  • Edward Judd

    We are looking for this functionality too.

  • Chris Ready

    This feature would be very useful 

  • Kranthi Kiran

    Hi Folks, 

    Is there a solution for this? Is there a 3rd party integration that enables this?


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi there Kranthi,

    Currently, there is no 3rd party integration but you can look into building a custom widget with addition forms using the Web SDK:

    This will require development work on your end and you would need to store the survey data yourself.

    The Web SDK is available to Premium (Legacy) and Chat Enterprise customers.

    If you cannot commit that much time to a custom widget, you can look at using the widget callback APIs to trigger something on your site when a chat has started or when it has ended:


  • Kranthi Kiran

    Thats Interesting Ramin. Thanks for the help.

    I'm pretty good at Javascript, so making my own widget shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm a little confused about "The Web SDK is available to Premium (Legacy) and Chat Enterprise customers."

    Does it mean, it wont work for my new clients? Can you tell me who doesn't it work for?

    Thanks again

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    It just means that the Web SDK APIs to build a custom widget will only work if your account is on those plans. If your account isn't on the Premium or Enterprise plan, the APIs will return an error.


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