Can't find attachButton in iOS Chat SDK



  • Elvis Porebski

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for contacting us,

    From top of my head, there are two reasons I can think of for the attachment button being invisible in your app:

    • File Sending is disabled in your web dashboard. To enable it please:
    1. Go to your dashboard, select Settings > Account > File Sending tab
    2. Click On in the upper right-hand side
    3. Click Save Changes
    • You are currently signed up for the Lite plan. File Sending feature is only available on Basic, Advanced and Premium plans.

    Please confirm and let us know if file sending is enabled, you are not on the Lite plan and the attachment button is still invisible.



  • Kyle Hardman

    Thanks Elvis -- I'm sure it's because my account was downgraded to Lite and I didn't realize it. I opened a free account a little while ago just to do some testing for a client before they get a real account and since then it's been downgraded to Lite -- so I'm sure that's the issue. Thanks for getting back to me so soon!


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