Is it possible to bulk update image paths


  • FourthUS

    Hi Jacques van Rensburg 

    My team are exploring a similar update for a large number of Help Articles with inline images ahead of a brand change.

    Following an article migration from SFDC to Zendesk, we learned that all image paths were hardcoded to the legacy Zendesk subdomain (re: absolute path). And before we go for the Zendesk brad change, we know that we'll have to move those images over to the relative path. 

    Curious to know: Did you find a solution for this? 

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi all,

    I would recommend using the Help Center search API to locate matches for the URL string and see if that works for your use case:

    However the bad news is the API doesn't allow you to bulk update the content of articles. You can only edit article properties. Going forward once this feature is live I think it will help out a lot of people in this instance though:

    Content blocks will allow you to have certain blocks of text that you can edit on multiple articles. Unfortunately that is not currently available, but the article does have a way to sign up for an open Early Access Program for the feature.

    I was not able to locate an app for this either. My apologies as I know this isn't what you were looking to hear. I would recommend posting your feedback here so that other users can upvote your request:

    I will mark this as product feedback as well on my side so this is reviewed by our team internally. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


  • Jacques van Rensburg

    Ben Van Iten, thanks for the feedback. Will have look at the content block link.

    FourthUS. I used the API to try and identify the articles. From there I have to edit each article manually.


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