What are the conditions for a chat to automatically end?



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jacob,

    There are three main cases for the chat session to expire:

    1. 20sec-2min if the visitor closes the browser or tab
    2. Immediatly if the visitor ends chat using button on the widget
    3. 20min of inactivity within the browser tab still open for the visitor (no mouse or keyboard movement)


  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Thanks Ramin!

  • Kundenbetreuung

    Hi Ramin, is it possible for you to create a trigger condition so that a chat will be closed after a specific time of inactivity?

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @Kundenbetreuung No, there is no trigger action to end the chat session.

    If you want to achieve this, you can use custom client side code with the endChat JS API: https://api.zopim.com/files/meshim/widget/controllers/LiveChatAPI-js.html#endChat


  • Karyna Macedo

    + 1

    It's disappointing seeing a lot of threads asking for the same feature, that clearly it's a pain point to a lot of companies and Zendesk ignoring it. 

  • Christopher Ferlazzo

    Maybe the only way Zendesk can understand the dysfunction they created is for an organization currently considering  Zendesk Chat, purchasing dozens of new agents and licenses to look somewhere else for a solution.  I've spend months building out a Zendesk chat\help solution for our organization to only find out today that an agent can't end a chat, they can only leave it.   Our agents will ensure that the customer is satisfied before "ENDING" a chat, and in the rare case they need to add to the conversation we can manually add to the original ticket.  It should be be up to our agents when a chat request ends and when to create a new ticket or not.   We shouldn't be forced to reuse a prior ticket for future chat requests.    Also, we can't expect an end user to end a chat every time, even if you give them a (B I G) button as someone suggested.   

    I have a question for Zendesk.  I've had hundreds of Chat conversations with you, so when you say to me I'm ending the chat because you have confirmed that I'm completely satisfied, are you truly ending the chat, or leaving the conversation?    What if, and this has happen, I start a new chat in 5 minutes, is it considered part of the old chat conversation and ticket?  

    Your approach might work in a couple use cases related to retail but not the typically scenario as illustrated by all those that took the time to submit a comment on this page and many other pages. 

  • Christopher Ferlazzo

    I chatted with Zendesk support after submitting the above posting and asked what they do if a “never ending chat conversation” (NECC) requires separate tickets, and it was clear by their response they have the same issue we have.  They recommended I use the Split & Close app in the marketplace because it's similar to the app they use to break up NECCs into separate tickets.  However, I don’t believe the app is the same.   The App allows you to create a new ticket from part of the NECC contained in the original ticket, but the original ticket continues to accumulate the NECCs.  So, you end up with two or more tickets containing the same reported issue or question posed via chat.  Not going to work!  Agents must have the ability to end the chat to define the starting and ending point of a support request\ticket.  Yes, there will be times when an end user forgets to ask a question in a prior chat and therefore, wants to continue or add to the original Chat but we can easily address this scenario by adding the necessary content to the original ticket and not creating a new ticket.  Agents should be able to control when a chat ends AND when a ticket needs to be created from a chat.   I think it also makes sense that in a multiple agent chat conversation, where a chat was transferred to another agent, either agent should be able to end the chat or just the agent the conversation was transferred to.  Again, so the next time an agent receives a chat request from the same end user the conversation can be add to a new ticket, because it’s usually a new request.  

  • Rhys Dopheide

    Jumping in here to add my voice to this. this is a major issue as many of our customers will not click the end chat. 


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