Doubt about returns via API (user and ticket).


  • Dwight Bussman
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    HeyO Allan,

    Here's a workflow that may help streamline what you're after:

    Use the Incremental Tickets API if possible.
    One reason for this is that you'll get back 1,000 tickets instead of the 100 returned via search. While this isn't tremendously helpful for your use case (85 tickets), this scales up better as ticket volumes increase. Our incremental API can return all tickets created/changed since a given point in time in paginated sets of 1000.

    The other big reason for this is that you get to side-load information as described herein: 

    Side-loading will return associated records (such as users/organizations) for which there are values within the primary object (so if pulling a list of tickets, side-loading users would bring back the requesters/assignees/collaborators on those tickets).

    Here's an example call that could fetch all of that information in one fell swoop for the month of May:,organizations

    Please let me know if this helps to answer your question. If you'd like me to raise a ticket on your behalf, I'd be happy to do so so as to continue this conversation on a phone call/screen-sharing session.



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