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  • Maggie Ungerboeck


    We have the same challenge but have a workaround. We open up the draft article in Preview mode. This gives you a URL that looks something like this:

    We then just copy the URL up until the article ID so the URL is:

    This is the URL that is used when publishing so you can put in links to the other draft articles and as long as you publish them all at once, your links should work. 

    If we are working with a large project that has lots of links, then I create a Word document with the URLs that I can refer to to more quickly drop the right URL in instead of always having to go back to the Preview screen for the article.

    Hope that helps!


  • Angéline Nguyen

    Hi Maggie, thanks for your input.

    We used to do that too, i.e. previewing the article and copying its URL. But since Zendesk delivered the feature Insert Link via Help Center Article, we stopped:

    • If you need to analyze data on article views, previewing increases the count and messes up the data. We want to get data from readers, not from authors, who are just checking their work.
    • The feature Insert Link via Help Center Article enables us to directly have the title copied in Text on Link. Before, we had to manually copy the article title.
    • When manually copying the URL or title, you can sometimes miss a couple of characters, thus wasting time to go check again.

    So, indeed, your workaround would avoid repetitive notifications. However, I'm expecting Zendesk to provide a feature at its full potential, i.e. I want to keep using that feature that needs enhancements, not stop using that feature and going backward by manually doing things.


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