Mobile chat triggers issue with Answer Bot



  • Kyle Jones
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    Hey there Harvey,

    That definitely doesn't sound too good. I know we have a way that will force the chat widget to show on mobile, and this would be through forcing unread messages to force the chat window open ( ).

    However, I'm not too sure if this would be a desired outcome for your customers as this will force the chat window open for each individual unread message they see, but if you have experience with JS you should be able to customize this for your desired functionality. This would just be a bit out of our scope of support since it's diving into custom code.

    Additionally, if you do want support to dive a bit further into this I think it would be best to submit a ticket to This way we can provide individual support for the issue at hand.

  • Harvey
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    Thank you for the comment.  You're right, we wouldn't want to force the chat window to open each time an unread message comes in.  We just want them to bypass the Answer Bot and go directly to the unread message when they choose to open the web widget after seeing an unread message alert.

    I will go ahead and submit a ticket for additional support.


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