User name display on zendesk ”visitor" screen



  • Greg
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    Hi Uehara!

    It's difficult to say with certainty why the visitor information wouldn't be populating all the time from what you've shared. Do you force your users to login in order to start a chat from your mobile apps? 

    I also wanted to mention that you can see what device the user is connecting from when you look at the chat window itself or when you're looking at the history. To that end, if you can identify whether this is strictly happening on iOS or Android, that would be good to know as well in this troubleshooting process! 

  • uehara gousuke
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    Hi Greg!

    Thank you for your response!

    I force my users to login.

    I don't know whether it is occurring on iOS or Android. I will examine it.

  • Andrew Lo
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    I am experiencing same problem that is in this email thread.
    I have already replied to an other thread here


    We have a website where users are forced to login before being able to use Zendesk Chat so we have all of their First and Last names in our system. However, some are showing up as numbers instead of names in Zendesk Chat. 

    The screenshot below shows that they are numbers. Other info has been redacted for privacy.


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Andrew,

    I went ahead and replied to your post here: Users start chat with no information

    The Pre-Chat form is designed to gather the user's information so it's displayed when they chat in instead of the visitor ID. With this option disabled, you'd have to look into the ze.identify function I mentioned in your other post.



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