Article links should not be case sensitive


  • Ryan McGrew
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    Hey Angéline,

    Thanks for the comment and apologies for the delay in reply. I did some additional research here because your comment seemed to make sense. 

    As I dug into the comment, I reviewed the technical specifications behind URLs and different components of the URI. It's all a bit technical, but here are my findings

    1. URLs are expected to be case sensitive as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Help Center respects that requirement
    2. When looking at different parts of the URL different parts have different expectations around case sensitivity. You're specifically referring to the path component of the URL. That again is specifically expected to have case sensitivity
    3. If you look at services in the market, typically Microsoft based products services do not respect case sensitivity, whereas other products and services do. This is a historical decision that goes back many decades.
    4. Because most systems expect URLs to be case sensitive, there are SEO impacts if a differently cased URL responds with the same content. This would require us to implement 301 redirects or canonical URLs for the case insensitive URLs

    I can appreciate your experience with other systems and understand why your expectations are what they are (it was honestly surprising to me as well). Can you clarify a bit what the issues you're running into due to this case sensitivity are and maybe I can help you troubleshoot or work around those issue?


  • Angéline Nguyen
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    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your reply and search.

    The issue arises when a user manually enters an URL. They are used to writing regional codes in upper case and got an error with en-US.

    As our applications and websites are not case sensitive, it's a bit awkward and inconsistent to have different rules when users get into our Help Center in Zendesk.


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