Side Conversations RTE EAP - Message Window size


  • Toby Sterrett
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    Hi Peter. These are things we're considering for future updates. When you say self-adjustable, do you mean the agent would be able to resize the window manually themselves?

    I do think trying out a percentage-based width would be feasible in the near term for folks with larger screens / higher resolution. We'll look into it.

  • Peter Hochstrasser
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    Yes, that is what I mean - the edge with the 45° lines so I can drag the size - that would be the ideal solution. However, anything that would let me use the screen real estate would be appreciated.

  • Antonio Naddeo
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    Dear Peter and Toby,

    I believe that side conversation is a great product but there are things that needs to be taken into account specially by looking at agent working with them.

    We are about to start using for our partner escalations side conversation, moving away for the needs of creating 2 tickets (1 from the Client and one from the Partner connected to each other).

    Do you want to know what was the first thing the agent asked when testing?

    The size of the side conversation window is way too small!

    In our workflow the conversation to external partner is essential and this window is just so tiny compared to the standard ticket we are used to work on.

    I am very happy to provide my used case, you will realize what it meas to have such a tiny window, it is quite frustrating, actually!





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