Week over Week % Change for SLA Targets %


  • Jessica Blake
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for reaching out! Due to the complexity of your report, I'd like to take this into a ticket for further investigation.

    Look out for an email from me! 

  • Jessica Blake
    Zendesk team member

    Marcel and I were able to figure out how to get this query to work, so I've put together an article for everyone else to get on board! 

    Check out our recipe here: Explore Recipe: Week over week SLA percentage change

    Thanks again for being such an active member of our community Marcel!

  • Marcel

    Thanks again for your help, @Jessica! :)

  • Oksana Shvets

    Hi @Jessica! Thank you for the article!

    I was wondering how do you apply this solution in order to see the percentage change for all the previous weeks (beyond last week and the week before)?





  • Katharine King



    Im trying to follow this build, but I'm interested in tracking specific tags week/week. It doesn't seem that tags are available to Date range calculated metrics, do you know of any way to report on tags that have the largest changes in usage from one week to the next?

    I can calculate this using a result metric, but result metrics are basically unusable when you can't sort or plot them by themselves.


    Any help would be appreciated!


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