Gmail connector — add failure notification


  • Nick
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    yah i got disconnected too recently... shld be a bug... alr reported. 

    agreed there shld be a notif!

    hope can resolve soon. missed quite some client's emails...

  • Pawel C
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    This is very important to have at least the "disconnected" notification (either email or popup in app). We have changed our gmail account's password and we were not aware that this would disconnect our integration, as it uses API, not our password, to authenticate. It was disconnected for a couple months!

    The weird thing is that emails send as always from Zendesk using our integrated gmail account, and that is why we didn't notice any problems for such a long time. There was only an issue with forwarding emails from gmail to Zendesk so we missed hundreds of reply emails from our clients from the last couple months. We are very very disappointed, Zendesk should notify us that there is a problem right away! Now we have to deal with angry customers and apologize for delayed replies.

    Zendesk Team, please add that notification asap, this is a must!

  • Ayal Kellman
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    +1 for this!


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