Default e-mailadres per Group


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Vigalante,

    Unfortunately, there's no way to automatically set the received at address based on the group the ticket is assigned to. We typically recommend the Select an address app you're currently using to address any need for changing this address.

    I'll leave this post open in case other users have an alternative solution they can provide you.


  • Dan Cooper

    I will add to Brett's comment, because I have automatically set the received at address based on a group in the past.  Although it's not an easy solution and will require development. 

    At a past company, we built our own version of the select an address application that would allow us to load in settings to map a group to certain support addresses.  It worked pretty well for us.  If you have the developer resources, and find yourself running into this pain point a lot - I highly recommend checking out the Zendesk App Framework.  You can also view the source code for an older version of Select an Address to wrap your head around how to use the API.  Note that this version of the app won't work today since v1 of the framework is close to deprecation.

    Best of luck.  I hope this is helpful. 


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Thanks Dan!


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