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  • Julien Van de Casteele

    yes yes yes!


  • D Hill

    Totally agree. ALL of these items would greatly impact our operation in a positive way. It's actually shocking to see that these features that have been requested for years have not made it into any updates.

  • Mirjam Happel

    FYI point 3 is already possible... I have it in my ticket view already.

    I do believe a difference should be made between B2B and B2C tickets. B2C does not need all this and you want to keep it as simple as possible.


  • Yamile Martinez

    Hi Mirjam,

    I under the assumption for Point 3, you mean you added code to display.  I was referring to providing us the option to display in the My Activities as part of the fields.  I currently display it in the detail since it is the only option i have available.

    I slightly disagree about B2C; I as a consumer would like to see all the information up front; rather than clicking to get the detail right?  But if there is a distinction between the two, then we should have the option to chose, don't you agree?

    Thanks for your input!

  • Mirjam Happel

    Hi Yamile,

    I understand what you mean now when you say you would like the assignee in the list of requests not the individual request. 

    I'm not sure a consumer really needs this as they generally just have one or 2 tickets open at a time. My experience is that they tend to click the link to the ticket in the confirmation email to go directly to the ticket itself. I guess it all depends on your workflow.

    Long story short, having the choice to display it or not would be great. Then we all can decide what is best for our situation.


  • D Hill

    Not sure why the moderator or ZD rep won't comment on this lately. I see too many comments like, "I've talked to the product team and this currently isn't on the roadmap. Remember, you can use the API here's the link to our API documentation..."

    I think the thread is several years old and nothing has been improved on this front. It would be nice to know if there's even any consideration at all for these features. Or, at least, what happens to these requests.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi D - 

    As stated in the product feedback guidelines, we do read everything, but we can't comment on all of it. 

    This thread was initiated last month, so I'm not certain what you're referring to about it being several years old. 

    As far as what happens to the requests, our Voice of the Customer team reads through them and aggregates the requests into stories that they share with the product managers when they go through their quarterly roadmap planning. They look for themes around the types of issues that users are having, and the ones that have the highest engagement and greatest number of requests get prioritized. 

    The product teams take those stories into consideration alongside other factors including new innovations they're working toward, market factors, what else is in the pipeline already, the technical lift of certain improvements, etc. and set a couple of projects for development in that quarter. 

    They work through the process of exploration and planning, and we share updates with the community as we receive them. However, because this is a public forum, we can rarely share updates in the early stages of development, so there can be a significant lag between when something is posted in the community and when we have something we're allowed to share with the public. Typically, by the time we're able to speak to it, it's in or near the point of being in a beta. 

    So to answer your question, yes, there is consideration of these features. You're right that they're often not on the roadmap at the time someone requests an update, and so all we can say is that it's not currently being worked on and offer any workarounds or recommendations we have. But that doesn't mean they aren't being considered or won't ever be added to a roadmap. Just that it's not on the roadmap at that particular point in time. We do deeply value our customers' feedback, and your contributions, ideas, and comments frequently result in product improvements and enhancements. 

  • D Hill

    Hi Nicole,

    This thread isn't years old, but this one is:

    The content in this thread could easily be found in the above link or vice versa. It's dealing with the same issues - customizing ZD to work the way your customers do. 

    It's just tough to know that even though you can't speak publicly about projects in the pipeline there's zero feedback other than canned answers. I can respect the fact that you can't get into details when talking about current projects, but I can't tell you how many times I've been searching for answers and hit a dead end with one of those canned answers..."Our API can do that..." 

    The API is great and we use it all the time. But, sometimes the effort and time involved to create something that's so simple is too much; like this particular thread. The link referenced above is a prime example of something simple that should be a default option. Granted, I don't know the hierarchy of requests and where these fall in that hierarchy, but it seems like a pretty common request.

    Maybe it's time for some type of voting system or a feature request page that has legitimate traction. At least there, things would be ranked (by customers not Zendesk) and people would be aware of what other customers want. This way it's clear that it's customer driven and not Zendesk driven and would be a great benefit to Zendesk because you could do what the customers actually want.

  • Jason Fouchier

    Hey All,

          First off, I wanted to thank all the people who post the questions, answers, tips, and tricks. The information I gathered from the community was like gold and so helpful along the way.

          So, after a disappointing and frustrating stretch of trying to customize the requests list page, here is my two cents on the issue. 

         All I wanted to do was add the group a ticket was with, who it was assigned to, and make the drop-down menus multiselectable. I was disappointed to learn that none of that was available as an available customization and that what was possible needed the duplication of data to custom fields paired with extra API calls, Javascript and a lot of head scratching. Not being able to do simple things listed above without having to make a patched together workaround is simply frustrating. 

         This is just another disappointing roadblock in the customizability of what could be and should be a great feature to help keep the lines of communication open. It is a touch baffling that you would have such a useful tool in a system that is generally pretty customizable, yet the portal/request list page (which in my opinion should be the most customizable) is devoid of any real/tangible customization. In my particular case, letting the end user see what group and assignee their ticket is with is very important to the direction we are headed as a company in regard to communication with our users. Things like using a templating language to make the code cleaner was a great idea, basing it off a language that is super customizable like handlebars and then stripping away all the customizability is not cool. I understand the statement of "We can't let users run their customized code on our servers", this is a legitimate concern. My argument is that it doesn't have to be one way or the other, you can't tell me that there is not a great compromise in the middle of that void that we can all live with. Now, I know I have just a high-level understanding of all the problems associated with this issue, along with the fact that I am one of the users wanting more options for customization. Not to forget the thousands of hours of meetings discussing the best roadmaps for software and not truly knowing what users are going need or think the need, or how they want to use the product (which may or may not line up with your vision for your own product). I guess I just feel like the compromise would be easier than not having the customizable options. My apologies for the rant, I will step down from my soapbox now 😉. 



         Jason Fouchier

  • eyzal daydek

    how to get my boost support?

  • Mia Jonson


    I really agree on that the possibility to customize the portal is limited even if we have payed for the open version.

    You are limited to customize only the parts that are allowed!

     We would like to add a custom field in the view to show what type of case it is. We also wanted the "New Request" button to be in the center/middle if the start page to be the first you see when enter the portal but no, its in the upper right corner.

    We also like to show the end users request list on the start page but no, its not possible.

    I would like to see the custom interface allowed a bit bore than just small adjustments to the interface.

    Users have asked for this for many years and I wonder why its not taken care of?

    Otherwise, I do like Zendesk support a lot :-) 





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