SLA fault resolution - using custom fields


  • Dylan Tragjasi

    Hey there Gareth,

    There's no way to bypass the default Priority fields when using SLA's in Zendesk, so instead, I'd recommend using a combination of both the default Priority field and also your newly created Business Impact field when putting together your SLA Policies.

    For example, you could include your custom Business Impact field in the list of conditions for your SLA Policy - and create a policy for each of your Business Impact field values. An example might look like this:


    In my example, I've included different timings for each Priority level, but you could set these all to the same value as well.

    Then when it comes time to building your reports, you can use the Business Impact attribute to filter your results more granularly to track against breaches for varies impact levels.

    Hope this helps! 

  • Gareth Bidder

    Thanks Dylan!


    My thinking was along those lines so thanks for validating! I wil crack on.

    Much appreciated


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