Third party app to backup/rollback Zendesk critical data


  • Darren McCabe
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    Hi Didier,

    Thanks for replying to my previous thread and asking for some use case information.

    In my case I needed to cleanse a lot of old end user data from our system, approximately 3000 records.

    As Zendesk provides no options for bulk deletion of users it meant I needed to do it manually or with the API.

    I am not a developer so proceeded with caution to create a simple batch script to delete the users. Whilst I discovered I could backup the user data in XML, CSV etc. It would be really nice to be able to get a complete backup of the system prior to performing this sort of action so a screw up could be recovered.

    Also some sort of monnthly backup would be a nice feature.

  • Matt McLean
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    This seems like it could potentially be useful in conjunction with sandbox.


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