• Amy Dee
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    Hi Ivan! This depends a bit on how you record the severity on a ticket. If it's with a dropdown or single-line text field, you can report on the field changes. We have details in this article: Building metrics for the events model in Insights. In your case, you could report on the first severity in a ticket by finding the update where the severity field went from (empty value) to something else.

    You could also use the Duration of a text field recipe to see how long a ticket had each severity before the value changed. This recipe does not capture the duration of the current value. In your example, it would show how long the ticket was "severe" before switching to "moderate," but not how long "moderate" has been on the ticket since then.

    Please note - these approaches only work if you're using a ticket field to capture this information. If you just use ticket tags, you won't be able to report on events.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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