Display Voting for Articles Except ~5 Articles


  • Socorro Fernandez
    Community Moderator

    Hi Monica,

    You can add additional isnt helpers if you would like to exclude multiple articles. You would need to open and close them like you did the first helper. The following would exclude both articles in bold:

    <div class="article-footer">
    {{#isnt article.id 360001131234}}
    {{#isnt article.id 360001234567}}
    {{#with article}}
    <div class="article-votes">
    <span class="article-votes-question">{{t 'was_this_article_helpful'}}</span>
    <div class="article-votes-controls" role='radiogroup'>
    {{vote 'up' role='radio' class='button article-vote article-vote-up'}}
    {{vote 'down' role='radio' class='button article-vote article-vote-down'}}

    Add more for more articles and of course they are your article IDs.

    If this is not scaleable, we can look into other solutions but I am hopeful this works for you for the 5~ articles.

    Thank you.

  • Monica


    I had thought they needed to be separate sets of rather than nested like that.  The changes worked!  


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