Creating a User View that shows tickets CCs or Following



  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Carlos -

    The short answer is no, you cannot create a view for agents with the tickets that they are CC'd on. Agents are already able to view all tickets they're CC'd on by going into their profile as described in the thread you linked to, so there is not also aview condition for this purpose.

  • Harry Wahlgren



    By that logic, there should not be a way to see Assigned tickets in a view since you can already view them on the Profile.  My agents work out of Views 100% of the time.  It would be very beneficial to add Followed or CCed tickets to a view.


    Thank you!

  • Richard Meyer

    I do not understand why the option to follow is created in the first place.  If there is no view set up using the criteria "follow" just like the criteria of "Assignee" or "Requester".  This seems like the natural outflow of creating the option to follow a ticket.  You would want a place to view ("views") the tickets you are following.   The whole Zendesk support system is based upon the idea of intuitive workspace and this seems to be the most intuitive way to follow a ticket. 

    Yes, there are workarounds but all of those defeat the primary mission of Zendesk support, which includes a great user experience.  A workaround suggests that there exists a great way to do something but instead you need to do something else.  It is not like this is creating a new system it is just adding a component to an already existing system.  

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    All of this is great feedback that would be awesome to post your use cases in the Support - Product Feedback topic. Zendesk uses the product feedback topics and the votes/use cases on those in order to prioritize what gets added. 

    I suspect that the current reason it works this way, is that it is a byproduct of Zendesk starting out as a largely email focused product.  There is a solution, but it's notification based, versus being view based in this regard.  When there is a workaround for most use cases, customer voices are going to be the best way to push for a change in this space with all of the other features that are requested each day.

  • Helder

    It is not a natural workflow to click on UNSOLVED TICKETS to check new updates and then have to go to PROFILE (5 clicks) in order to check updates on the tickets that I am FOLLOWING. Imagine doing that repeatedly back and forward during the day!?

    Either add an option for the tickets that an agent is FOLLOWING to appear under UNSOLVED TICKETS or please let us create a VIEW for those tickets.

    Current Workaround:

    1 - Click on your profile picture.
    2 - Click again on VIEW PROFILE

    3 - Click on ASSIGNED TICKETS

    4 - Click on FOLLOWED TICKETS



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