Ability to create views by Followers


  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    On your user profile page, you do have the option to select a Followed tickets view, but it isn't very robust in that you don't have the same level of control as you do on the Views screen. 

    It would be great to have some of these 'out of the box' views work more like standard views in that everyone has different workflows and these can be very limiting, and for those that need these regularly, it's hidden away.

  • Rudy Castro

    Dan Cooper, thank you for listing this as a workaround. I agree with the original request by Tim Scott in that we should be able to build views for teams based on tickets they are following or CC'd on.

  • Jamie Cormack

    We would also like to be able to create views that show you all the tickets you are following.

  • Abigail Iliesi

    I've already posted a comment and created a community post about this issue, but I want to add to this thread as well for visibility's sake.

    It'd be great if an upcoming beta could provide us with the ability to specifically reference Followers within Triggers, Automations, Views, Macros, etc. The following features would be immensely useful:

    • Followers type/condition within Triggers
    • An Email user > (followers) action within Triggers
    • An Email user > (CC's) action within Triggers
    • Ticket: Follower condition within Views
    • Ticket: Follower condition within Automations
    • Follower action within Macros (with a drop-down menu similar to Assignee)
    • A few ticket.follower placeholders within the comment/description action in Macros
    • More customization options in regard to Follower email notifications (Settings >Tickets > CCs and Followers)

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