Allow Zendesk to restrict file upload types


  • SDS Product Team

    We would really like to see this as well.  A recent security test highlighted this as a major concern - not only to us as a company, but to individual users.  I'll not explain why on a open forum, but happy to chat privately to someone at Zendesk.

    At a bare minimum let us limit the types of files users can attach.  Then think about integrating some virus scanning at the Zendesk end.




  • Jimmy Rufo

    This is what one of our security vendors noted regarding a concern with the file upload feature of our ticket form.  I can also give examples that was provided to us.  Please consider this as a necessary feature.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thank you all for your feedback. We will continue to collect votes and use-cases to gauge interest in and impact of this request. 

  • Dominik Kuhn

    Yes, it is a very important feature that should definitely be added.

    Is there any possibility to restrict the file types manually, especially if multiple uploads are possible? If yes, could someone share a code snippet?

  • Kelly Ngo

    I made the same request here!


    This is super concerning and a huge security vulnerability. I'm so surprised that there isn't this function available (as there is in email and chat).


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