Zendesk Connect iOS SDK support for Swift 5.x



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    Aaron Cottrell
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    Hi Arshia,

    I'm looking into this with our mobile development team, we obviously don't want compile errors out of the box. We're going to spend time this week understanding when we can push out an updated release.

    In the meantime, the code is open source if you want to put up a pull request.




  • Arshia Cont
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    Aaron, thanks for your reply.
    Two weeks have passed. Any news on this from your dev team before we jump into the code ourselves?

  • James Hanley
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    Hey Arshia,

    I'm glad to inform you that the mobile development team have looked at this, and support for Swift 5.x will be in the next SDK update which is a few weeks away.

    Make sure to keep an eye on our product Announcements for an update on when the SDK becomes available.




  • Arshia Cont
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    Hey James,

    I finally found a few minutes to take a look. As it appears, this is a real quick fix so I went ahead and submitted a PR: https://github.com/zendesk/connect-ios-sdk/pull/21

    It appears even with the Pod being in Swift 4.2, when the main project is in Swift 5.x, your choice forcing the reserved name "init" does not pass through. Changing the method's name from "init" to "initialize" will do the game. But ofcourse you'd have to change the SDK documentation accordingly or find a more elegant way.

    Note that compiling the Test Project prior to this PR didn't pass with Swift 5.0.


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