Expecting: attribute value of correct attribute



  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Randy! This error means you have attribute values that don't match the attributes in your metric. In this case, it looks like you used the attribute values for the actual groups, while the metric is looking for field changes.

    Remove the two group values and replace them with the versions under Attribute Values > [Text Field] Previous Value and Attribute Values > [Text Field] New Value. The value will include the field name in brackets - [Group] CA ERP Team and [Group] Support.

    These field change values look the same in the metric editor, so make sure you match previous with previous and next with next. Otherwise, you'll see a very similar error.

    We have more information about text field changes in our article on Building metrics for the events model.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!

  • Randy Nieukirk
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    Ahhhh....That did it!  Thank you, Amy.





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