Historical Time Between Ticket Updates


  • Molly
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hey Lance,

    You are correct that comment updates aren't tracked within this particular metric. Do your agents typically change the status with any comment made? If so, the status is a field change that's tracked and would be inherently included in that metric.

  • Lance Mitchell

    Hi Molly,

    In our case the ticket status does not change as we have specific service level agreements that our status is used to monitor. We do have a trigger created for any time a ticket is saved to trigger API calls. Can this be utilized to report on average hours between updates for tickets solved during the prior month?

  • Andy Killingsworth

    Hey, Lance. 

    Following up on your most recent comment. Ticket updates will have to be based on the change in a text field. If your triggers are editing a text field in some way (like changing a custom field value), that could work. However, you can't calculate updates based purely on the when the API is contacted.

    How do these triggers work? Do they update anything within the ticket itself? 


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