Reporting on ticket metrics where user is part of multiple organizations


  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Stephanie! There are two options for organization reporting:

    Organization is a dataset with organization-specific attributes, like Organization Name and Date (Organization Created). It connects to users based on the user's current primary organization, and users connect to tickets based on the ticket requester. This means, if you combine Organization and ticket data, you'll always see the requester's current primary organization.

    Ticket Organization is an attribute on tickets. It shows the organization currently associated with any given ticket. This attribute doesn't connect to any organization-specific information, but it does preserve that ticket connection even if the user is in multiple organizations or changes organizations later.

    In your example, I would expect to see Org A for any Organization attribute, and I would expect to see Org B for Ticket Organization

    We have details in this article: Difference between "Organization" and "Ticket Organization"

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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