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  • Maggie Ungerboeck
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    Hi George,

    Just curious - would you expect these to be completely anonymous or only anonymous to other end users? Meaning would agents/light agents be able to see who made the comment but end users would not or neither end users, agents or light agents would be able to see the user who made the comment?


  • George Halet
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    Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for following up!

    The requirement is an option for comments to be completely anonymous, so that users of a sensitive nature would not be inhibited from providing critical feedback on articles written by someone that they know personally.

    It would obviously be better that people be comfortable giving and receiving feedback, but this is where we are. I don't anticipate nastiness - our corporate culture is tilted so far to being nice, that it can prevent useful exchanges.


    In a related matter, for articles dealing with regulatory information, the authors are concerned that publicly visible comments could encourage users to share workarounds. We will use a link to a Google form, so that the comments are not shared publicly. We have made these optionally anonymous.
    This is the same approach we would like to apply for all user-facing articles: optional anonymity.




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