Option for percentile as aggregator


  • Job Thomas

    💯 it's odd that this is missing as an option

  • Fernando


    Bump! This is a much needed feature. We measure SLA as a function of percentile (80% of cases solved in < XX hours).

  • Kyle O.


    My favorite report takes different percentiles of response times at factors of 10. It's my favorite way to determine how widespread a problem is.

  • Simone Pace


    It was possible to do this with GoodData but not anymore in Explore.

    This is a MUST HAVE in reporting, full stop.

    Just image a company with agreements on SLA based on percentile and now they can't report anymore this to their customer.

    If I was payed based on my SLA I rather would change the ticket system.

  • Chris Wilson

    +1!  This is VERY much needed, especially when looking at datasets that are very different between Median and Averages.

  • Armando Romo

    I can't believe Zendesk doesn't have this. We're reverting back to Google Sheets.

  • Katie Duck

    +1, would really love to have this option

  • Sean Nelson

    +1 - Could really use the percentile calculation, very important for key metrics of ours

  • Antonio Rodríguez Rasero

    +1! We also need to know that 95% of our tickets are answered within X minutes or hours. 


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