Set task ticket due date via macro.



  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    Hello Chris,

    It seems you're right. I couldn't set the due date (or any custom date field) through a macro either.

    Due dates will only work on tickets where type is set to task indeed.

    Normally I would look for a workaround like adding a tag with a macro and let a trigger act on that tag. In this case it seems the due date can't be set by trigger either (but custom date field can).

    Maybe you can join this topic in the product feedback forum and share your use case?

    With kind regards,

    Sparkly ⭐

    If you're going to use a custom date field, let me know and I'll share some screenshots how to configure the macro and trigger. The benefit is that a custom date field can be used with tickets of any type, and can be set by triggers.

  • Chris Lowe

    Thanks for the reply Sebastian.

    After scouring the forums for literally hours, I logged this request because there is nothing else that matched my simple requirement. 

    There are threads in the forum that mention due date in many forms, most refer to 3 essential features of any helpdesk system.

    1. The ability to have a due date AND time field - there is a thread that is nearly 10 years old referring to this feature request which is still not implemented.
    2. The ability to SET the date/time via some sort of automation, be it trigger, macro or automation. As mentioned at the top of your linked thread, still not implemented.
    3. The ability to remind agents to do a task at a specific time - also not implemented as there is no time available.

    I logged my request because ALL I want to do is set the Task due date in a macro - this is the simplest "automation" imaginable and is not possible in the basic Zendesk product.

    I would suggest that the Zendesk product managers do a simple search in your Support forum and take global view of this due date issue.

    The workaround to create a custom Due date field is, quite frankly, laughable to anyone who knows anything about programming. There is a built in field that should be used for that purpose, creating a duplicate just confuses people unnecessarily.

    If the built in Due Date field is not available to the programming interface provided - get rid of it and tell people to create their own.

    I did look at the topic you linked to, but it seems to be a very complex workaround to a really simple request. For the time being I will simply tell our Agents to set the due date.

    Hope to hear that Due date/time is accessible in the near future.

    PS. Apologies, if this comes across a bit strong it is out of sheer frustration in using a product I would never have recommended and after years of experience using various helpdesk systems that can all do what I am trying to do with ease. The frustration level ramps up a notch, when you see how long people have been requesting this very feature - literally years - and then a product manager gets on and explains why none of these features are even on a roadmap! Then the final slap, some third party posts a fix for this basic functionality that I can pay for.

  • Douglas Lombardozzi

    Any update on the topic of setting the Task Due Date from a macro? We need it badly! Shocked when I realized Due Date was not available in the macro field list:(  

  • Martijn Snels -

    Hi everyone, the Due Date field can be set in a macro via our Macro Date App on the Zendesk App Marketplace that is already available for quite some time. You can install a free trial to tryout the App. 


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