Call Routing to Agents more than once


  • Thomas de Silva

    Minor correction.


    If Agent are "Away" or "Wrap-up" the call stays in queue

  • Victoria Brearton

    I agree 100% that this needs to be an option. I have a small team, particularly at night, and it's vital that we have the option to have a call re-route to an agent that mistakenly missed the call. It's not a great client experience to have to leave a voicemail rather than get help live because of a missed accepted call they don't even know about. 

  • Sara Vandermolen

    I very much agree this is critical functionality. We have a small team and sometimes only a single person is covering the phones. If they miss a call but are available within just a few minutes, it adds a time and effort burden to both the agent and the end user to go through a voicemail process when they could have just stayed on a brief hold. Please consider adding this functionality as soon as possible.

  • Krzysztof Klimek

    Please we need this option aswell. 

  • Travis Tubbs

    This is one of the most annoying things about Zendesk Talk. We also have a very small team. Having one agent miss a call leads to a very bad experience for the customer, especially if other agents (if staffed) are stuck on a long call. (We had one call wait at least 12 minutes just this morning.)

    This really needs to change.

  • Krzysztof Klimek

    I know this is not a solution but we did it for our company as Zendesk coudnt help.

    I have created same group of Agents for Zednesk Talk and added a routing to Group1 and if no one answers it goes to Group 2. 

    in this case you have another chance to answer the phone because the conversation goes through the same group of people again

  • Harriet Klymchuk

    Hi Krzysztof,

    I've tried this second group option but I can't get it to work for us.  How do you get it to fallover to the second group?

    Here's the example we tried:
    Group 1 and Group 2 have the same users in.

    Agent A and Agent B are online, in both groups. Agent B is on a call (let's call it Caller 1).
    Caller 2 comes in via Group 1, Agent A misses the call.
    Caller 2 continues to wait as the system identifies that Agent B is online, but on with Caller 1.
    My expectation is that Caller 2 should then go to Group 2 and then go to Agent A again, but it doesn't.
    In addition, when Agent B sets themselves to offline while on with Caller 1 (to go on a break or away from desk), my expectation is that Caller 2 should loop to Group 2, however it doesn't, it immediately tells Caller 2 there are no agents available, even though Agent A is still online and in Groups 1 and 2.

    It seems the system is identifying that Agent A missed Caller 2, regardless of which Group it was offered in, and then doesn't offer to Agent A again?

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated!



  • Harriet Klymchuk

    Just to add on to this thread to save others time! Zendesk Support have advised on a ticket I raised about the above comment that "Unfortunately at this time there isn't a native way to route multiple times to the same agent.".

    If anyone has found a workaround or alternative, it would be very much appreciated!

  • Travis Tubbs

    I've already added my two-cents but I'm adding in a couple more because this is ridiculous. While we offer our callers the option to leave a voicemail or request a callback, sometimes a caller doesn't want to use that option. That's fine. That's why they're there.

    But we've had a call waiting nearly 50 MINUTES today because we can't get it to route to an available agent.

    It doesn't help that Zendesk doesn't provide any way for us to even see any details about these pending calls, why it might not have reached an agent, or any kind of details that gives insight about the waiting calls.

    I can see how this would be less of a problem for larger call centers but when you're a small team like ours (with maybe 1-3 agents answering phones per shift), this turns into a bad experience for everyone.

    Fix this.

  • Lee Burkhill

    We've moved our contact centre to Zendesk Talk 100% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is a serious issue for us.

    For calls on some teams with only 2-3 agents, it doesn't make sense that the call just doesn't loop back to the first agent if it's missed by everyone in the group.

    We've seen it many times now that a call has been missed for genuine reasons and the customer gets stuck in limbo where no one can answer it anymore.

    Zendesk... disappointing. Just another issue to add to the list that probably won't get fixed. Is it time to look at an alternative like Aircall?

  • David Wa

    We have a very similar issue here. We have ten talk agents supporting two countries so notice these calls that sit in a constant loop when the call is missed. In addition to this issue, often the call is missed because the agent isn't able to accept the call / press accept. Whether this is a browser issue or a Zendesk issue, we've been unable to resolve it with Zendesk.

    So, because of the fact we're unable to accept the call in some cases, the call never being re-offered to the agent even though they're in status available, the call will sit there until the caller hangs up. The only other workaround we have managed to come up with is to add a support agent from a different team to the group where the call is in a loop. Not exactly the most efficient way to manage this. 

    I'm hopeful Zendesk can change this workflow allowing calls to be re-offered. I'd also like to hear if there are similar experiences out there and whether someone has found a suitable workaround.

  • Neil Weldon
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We have been looking at this issue. Simply retrying agents with a call does not work in all circumstances, especially for smaller teams. In a circumstance where an agent steps away without changing their state it could cause a call to be retried to that agent again and again if they are the only one available. As a precursor to changing the behaviour here we have on our roadmap the ability to automatically change an agents state after they miss a number of consecutive calls.

    Neil Weldon | Snr Director of Product

  • Daniel Clapson

    Hi Neil Weldon has there been any progress on the issue of being able to retrieve callers from the queue? I have recently purchased Zendesk Support Suite for my company and this is very frustrating.  

  • Kalle Windefalk


  • iQmetrix

    If it serves to an agent and they miss it, they should be put into away or offline status so they cannot be tried again, but then when someone makes themselves available again they should be available to be reserved the call.  This how most other phone systems work.  We use this with Cisco all the time. 

  • Björn Hering

    Our current telephony (SwyxIT) can also deliver and queue calls multiple times. We can program the behavior of calls in and out of the queue as we wish. Especially in small service level teams this is needed, because a call can sometimes run longer until an agent becomes free. It is also no problem if the customer is then held in the queue for 5-10 minutes.

    We actually wanted to switch completely to Zendesk Talk, but the fact that such an important feature is missing is absolutely frustrating. So we will not switch to Talk for the time being.


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