How to configure a trigger to classify tickets into a view based on words in the ticket title?



  • Trent Mendez


    For this trigger, I'd first suggest removing all of the quotation marks and the OR statements from the word list, as the system will parse separate words automatically.

    Then, I'd suggest moving the 'Texte du sujet' condition up into the 'Meet ALL of the following conditions area,' as it sounds like this condition should be checking on its own (as opposed to checking in conjunction with other conditions).

    Thanks for asking, and I hope that helps!

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey there,


    You're pretty close. You need to remove the quotes around each word (Zendesk already treats subjects/comments as strings) and the OR text. All you need to do is separate each word with a space.

    For example:

    Texte du sujet contient au moins l'un des mots suivant:

    contrat stage certificat certification salarie


    Hope that is enough info to help!


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