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  • Gemma Smith

    We would be interested in additional permissions for end-users. 

    We are fairly new to Zendesk, and migrated over in April, since migrating we have received feedback from our end users about their inability to edit a ticket that another person in their organisation raised. 

    In addition to the options of setting an end user to view their own tickets, or to view any tickets raised by any person within their organisation we feel it would be really useful if we had an option to set end users to create their own tickets, and view and add notes to any ticket raised by their organisation.

    Our end users often need to update a ticket raised by another to cover for absence. If they are cc'd into the ticket then the note is added but the assignee isn't advised of this update, nor does it change the status from pending to open. End users wanting to update another users ticket is currently being done via the service desk external mailbox which isn't ideal.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    You can configure the organisation setting to give all users greater access. If you allow all users in the organisation to view organisation tickets, you can then optionally allow them to also update tickets.

    This overrides the user's settings and so applies to all users in the organisation. Even if you have set a user to 'Can view and edit own tickets', if the organisation setting allows comments to be added, all users within the organisation can add comments.

    So you can allow your customers to cover for each other's absence but you may be giving more control than you would like. The only way round that would be creating another organisation representing part of your client's business.



  • LaKeisha Jones

    Thanks for sharing Graeme. This is a huge enhancement for our clients.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    You are welcome! You can see more on the permissions here.

    For your original request, I believe users will still only be able to solve their own tickets- the 'please consider this request solved' box will not display for organisation tickets requested by other users. But of course, users can insert a comment asking the agent to solve the ticket.


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