How can I create a segment with all organizations except one?


  • Kay
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    👍🏻Valid feedback. This would be a welcome added expansion of the criteria.

    I do would like to learn why you are excluding only 1 organization.

    In my years as a Zendesk Admin we used to have a dropdown field on each organization.
    Something like

    • Client
    • Partner
    • Vendor

    Each of these values added a certain tag to the organization. This tag was then used for the segment filter.


  • Shlomo
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    Hi Kay,

    Thank you for this tip.
    This is a good idea unfortunately we are not filling the Tag field when creating a new organization.
    So I would need to fill this field for each of the 114 organizations.
    Is there a way to fill it quickly?

    I need to exclude 1 organization because I want to publish an article visible for 113 organizations and another different one for the last organization.


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