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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there beshoy,

    For both Chat and Support, CSAT ratings can only be modified by the visitor and we have no plans to change this behaviour any time soon. 

    In your support processes, you can use shortcuts and triggers to try and improve the customer experience and encourage them to change their rating. If there is confusion on what they are rating, your agents can send an explanation via shortcut before sending the CSAT request in Chat.



  • Ashish Sharma

    You should go into your Automation and modify the notification so that when the client receives it, they have an explanation within that email that tells them what things to consider when providing a rating and comment. Also see my comment here that I use for bad ratings:


    I'm copying and pasting it here for easy reference: 

    The agent, the manager (Service Delivery Manager) and the Customer Success Manager all get notified when there's a bad rating given. It captures the details of the client, the agent, and the comments from the client. We three then review it to determine whether the bad rating should be accepted or not. I even have a little template (macro) that I use (posted below for you) so that when it comes to performance review time I have a quick summary of whether it was rejected or not and why. Along with doing this, you could also add a tag to the tickets that you want to knock out of the data pool (ie csat_bad_rejected) and use that to filter your results, although you will have to do this before the ticket moves into a Closed state.

    Bad CSAT Rating Review Template: 

    • First Reply SLA: Achieved / Breached
    • Resolution SLA: Achieved / Breached
    • Regularly Updated: Yes / No (if you use or have Update SLA's, you could put that here instead).
    • Quality of information by agent: Poor / Good / Great / Amazing!
    • Client Engagement: Poor / Good / Great
    • Client Comments Justified: Yes / No
    • Revoke bad rating: Yes / No
    • Comments/Notes: 

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